Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Because glorifying the Third Reich is AWESOME!

A gallery of 1/6 models of various "WWII scenes."

I actually did something similar the other day. I made a 1/6 scale model of scenes from Auschwitz. First, I dumped a whole box of toothpicks on the ground. Then I set them on fire. And though the exercise was futile and offensive, it was less so than that linked above.

Nazis are FUCKING SCARY, not something to be glorified and replicated on a 1/6 scale (or in the White House).

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Neophyte said...

...But if they're spending all their time making rugged miniature deathmen, they won't have any time to plot the demise of the Jews and the Queers?

Just looking for the silver lining.

And taking a break from transforming my Fox Mulder action figure into George Armstrong Custer.

Keep blogging, punk.